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Intentionally abusing the Albion system

I think it is well past time that the behavior and policies of SI and its representatives be publicly addressed to the satisfaction of what amounts to the investors.

There are at least four different posts this weekend that revolve around SI support and policies. Nearly everyone of them ends with a statement that you are not to discuss violations of Cheap Albion Online Silver, abuse, glitching, etc publicly,. Yet many an issue which is not made public has been swept under the rug or ignored.

We can all disagree on constructs and concepts for the game but let's just put aside the game development for a second and look at the behavior of the player base / community managers and the lack of response from SI.

You don't have to look very far to find people intentionally abusing the system, acting in completely inappropriate ways to get AO Gold, coarse or even hateful language. All of which has gone seemingly without discipline or adjustment of policies.

Does SI care at all about the community or is it just meant to be a free for all where rules are for the meek?

1st of all, I've been around on this forums for more than year and half, and have been playing about the same time.
I can surely say that SI hears too much the community, and listens to it even much more than needed.
Few personal problems certain players had, well it's their personal problems, surely they don't need you to lawyer for them, nor surely SI needs more shit going on about those cases.

If out of 30k[???] founders, few, even several, and even if it's a pack[All going with HOMM Albion Online Silver system], I'd say, that they did something wrong/read something wrong/understood something not as it is.

Albion Online: A Storm Solution

Alternative Payment Models

-Now we know that micro transactions and pay to win are models deeply disliked by the gameing community.
subscription is fine as long as it isn't to much and their isn't content locked aways behind a payment wall

-Free to play is liked but it allows for a lot of Cheap Albion Online Gold with no guarantee of income for the company making the game
transfer for RL income allows for pay to win and gold botting and money laundering = ergo not good

Ergo @Zetecua and @Elsa

the solution is multiple servers with each system in place and allow the gamer to pick which payment model the wish to use!!!

Of course a server with no pay to win will mean the ranking would be much more real and probably respected. but if the person want to simply burn through something in less then a month and an extra 50 bucks will do it why not?


Free to play server would have a low capped progression with less patches and work done on it (a demo version if you get more albion online gold for sale) with the option of taking your progress into a subbed server for a fee and a sub.

you cannot take your Account from a PTW server without either a serious nerf or complete do over

Server list

Arthur - Full subscription with patches and great support and mucho cudos when chatting about your level of badassery
Lancelot - Pay to win that bling with RL currency for them epic Avatar pics and fun blood baths
Guinevere - low capped progression with few upgrades but free to play
Squire - test server available to Lancelot and Arthur ranks

I suspect increased overhead for Sandbox Interactive. It would divide the server population some perhaps. The two topics it appears you are trying to address are (1) How to improve the value of gold and (2) how to expose Albion to a wider audience. I suspect if these are the topics or are close to the topics you are trying to address, it would be beneficial to discuss a wider range of possible solutions with the Albion Online Items. My concern is there are those that may have issues with the solution you propose, yet they may also agree that the topics that concern you are topics that need attention.


Riders of Icarus: excitement and anticipation hoping

I launched this game with excitement and anticipation hoping it would be a better game than 'Dragon's Prophet'. At first I was quite impressed with the look and feel, especially the armor on the class previews (Male, not those skimpy panties). You know, typical Korean Mmo stuff. First thing I noticed though was how hideous the UI was, especially the hotbar to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold. Not sure what it was but something was seriously off about it. I carried on in the hope that the gameplay was better. So after fighting a bunch I must admit the combat is utter dog crap. The combat system should have been redesigned because it's a mess. In short, meh.

Heck, i can agree with most what @Kerfunky said, yet i play game without really being bothered by those things. I agree action mode is not great or even good, could be fixed a lot on many ways. As for armors, don't really care since it'll be using costumes anyways to cover "default" look. And after playing WoW (with addons), i find UI so silly in almost every game, but meh.. They are what they are, nothing bad about them.

Dragons Prophet was way better and the dragons where way better than the ones here skill wise look wise plus actually when you dismounted it fought with you while here you got to change them to pets the size of Icarus Gold. Its no where near as fun as Dragons prophet period. Vladtheimpaler from NA Dragons Prophet

Well design wise is a money sponge cash shop for slots on bank , ah and core components like pets yes you gotta buy pet/mount slots with cash , right now it feels like its a half made game given this is just a copy paste from the japan/korean version , lvl 25 cap for a month, dcs dcs lag lag dcs dcs , gold spammers and bots .

only reason why im playing this is because lots of my friends have faith that it might get better with time , if you are a new player and wanna try this game out trust me youl be dissapointed

I'm not really the type of hardcore player in this genre of games, but in my personal opinion I like it because it's been really hard for me to find a game again that I like and where I can put many ROI Gold seller. And I think this game might give me that so unless you got some real feedback to give to developers I suggest you keep quiet.

Albion Online: more risky travel to and from towns

I assume what you are trying to say is that the log out allows them to choose when to do the more risky travel to and from towns, but other than that, they spend the same amount of time and take the same risks as someone who is not logging in/out?

One solution then, would be to make it so that when one choses to log out, the character calculates the path back to "home" or "nearest city", then starts walking on it's own according, and disappearing once it enters the destination. This would need to happen after quite a bit of time to Buy Albion Online Silver, to prevent crazy stuff like people inside dungeons suddenly walking in the other direction in due to lost internet connection.

I'd be perfectly happy with an automatic travel back to town, even with the risks involved, but as a programmer I think this might be quite difficult to manage for a large number of players with multi-zone pathing and other fun stuff.

It makes little difference whether it's someone logging in on top of the chest or someone entering the zone in just enough time to reach the chest when it spawns Cheap Albion Online Gold; you still must choose at a moment's notice whether to deal with them by force or concede to them the same opportunity at the chest.

And even a variation as short as 10 minutes would be enough to discourage chest sniping without unduly inconveniencing anyone already ingame waiting for it.

Unless, you know, he has a second character/account logged in. Or he's in comms with a friend that is keeping an eye on things.

But yes, he wouldn't have quite as much information about what's going on as if he was there viewing it himself, but it's still a non-gameplay mechanic that has a huge impact on gameplay.

If you want it to be part of the game, that's fine. Make it a Camping skill. Have it affect how quickly you log off and how long of a delay you have before using your skills after you get more safe albion online gold. It could be it's own skill line or you could just base it off of Adventurer level. Add an additional tool called an Albion Army Knife that allows you to log in and out of zones without penalties if you have the proper tiered AAK for the zone/dungeon you're logging out in.

Then, it's just part of the game, and will need to be balanced in the same way that any other skill or ability in the game needs to be balanced.

Albion Online: naked scouting cannot be completely stopped

I feel you should be able to have 2 toons yes but they should not be on at the same time. Because then I could just have a person grind a toon for me while I mess around and try to get Albion Online Silver of the game so then I can hop on the higher geared and farther progressed toon.

I agree that having a second account would seem okay to who wants one for scouting but also I feel this is a little upsetting too... If everyone is being so careful then what is the point of completely having open world pvp. I would rather log off. Log onto an alt toon. Then explore the road I need to go and see if its safe. But having 2 logged on at the same time... I feel that you could exploit a lot of what the game wants to be fair. Like leading yourself to a new city with all your items. Put them on a weak looking toon and follow with a more geared toon.


As just about everyone here has already pointed out, just using an IP address to detect multiple accounts is stupid because it gives many false positives. The Albion Online development team is not stupid. There are other ways of enforcing a single person playing on multiple accounts. Just look at what actions the player is doing. If multiple accounts are performing the same actions at the same time then you are dealing with a multi boxer to Buy Albion Online Silver. If there are multiple accounts coming from the same IP where there are NEVER actions happening at the same time then MAYBE you are dealing with a single person logged into 2 accounts. There are ways to get around being detected while logged in to 2 accounts at the same time but at least it catches the multi-boxers.

I think the real issue and worry isn't so much that a player might multi-box but rather exploits that come with naked scouting. Example would be a player has two accounts, one which is the main and the other which they login with a naked character and have it stand idle at entrance points to provide scouting information to a guild.

I think something where a player is using a second account to trade founders equipment or other gear with themself is fine or logging in to check on their farm but using the above exploit is not cool, nor is running bots that can auto gather for you.

[Edit] Sadly, naked scouting cannot be completely stopped by the above anyways since if being logged in with two characters is illegal, a player could still have a member of their guild just run around as a naked scout.

Guys, average joe population with more devices in not going to make a dent to the economy (having a side crafter is a drop in the ocean in terms of advantage), and power users who are serious to mess things up will be untraceable. So why trying to enforce things that are going to contain 1% damage of those average joes who happen to have more than one computer? and with them mess up with all the possible permutations of even more standard usage situations? Two friends, the father and daughter, 5 students in the dorm, the internet cafe, and this and that. Would not be better if they concentrate of short term fixable-once-for-all issues and actual new systems and therefore more content?

You guys are worrying about the next door player who would have a small advantage with albion online gold market and forget about the billionaire who is playing the economy around him and keep you poor

Blade & Soul: a universal vault no way to transfer bns gold

We have cross server dungeons, with gold bidding on items, friend and party able, as well as a shared auction house, across all servers.

If you literally are incapable of thinking of a way of transferring R4PG BNS Gold with what's available to you, well now. Good luck on any class you choose. Once you figure out the answer to this riddle, you will be a master of all things related to being average at video games.

"You are stuck in a cardboard box, how do you get out?"

I don't even have profane gear and solo'd everything in this game so far.

Also, the clan mates I have that run FM completely make my life look miserable compared to them. If I can't infinite stealth loop a boss, I can't solo it easily.

My FM friend stands 2 feet away and proceeds to do 500k+ of dmg on the boss without it ever being able to attack back.

Idk man. Seems like the class needs serious help.

You want to be good at arena, your not that good, you refuse to get better, you play PvE and grind for a power you don't need Cheap Blade And Soul Gold, essentially spending hours for nothing, and a slow progression even then.

-shrug- PvE and everything it has going for it here is dull and bland, from the item system, never a fun RNG drop, same ole same ole, maybe one thing drops here who cares items don't matter upgrade food yolo.

Only substance is PvP, the grind is just as tedious.

And you picked what was at least previously one of the hardest classes to play efficiently in higher tiers. (mainly because of many counter gimmicks requiring you to learn how to work around, and the inability to use your main PvE gimmick)

I don't want to be that guy, but get good man. Did you come from WoW? The games not that hard...

here is my challenge, make a KFM. Get to like lvl 20, spec in to shin kick. Counter a mob, iron shoulder him approach, and try to do a 3 r f combination.

This is the bread and butter of what most of these fools think is the most complex mechanic in the game. I'm sure you can Buy Blade And Soul Gold, now you just need to LEARN How and when to use such mechanics.

The Harvest Village Event in BnS

Well speaking from experience I can say that blade and Soul is definitely better optimized for Win7 than Win10. When I was on Win7 back in TW, I get roughly 25fps or so at Harvest Village event (usually like a cluster fk of 50+ people) with no stutter stepping to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. I switch to Win10 around Sept of last year and I couldn't even participate at Harvest Village anymore, my game became like a slide show and stutter like crazy during boss fight.

However, our version seems to be better optimized than TW version, lately at BW I stay at a constant 20-30fps with all the cluster of players (still using Win10). Soloing + 4/6 man I always get max fps, doing 24man dailies I get 30-40 fps at boss fight.

Also its pretty normal to see these crappy fps on Blade and Soul, its not your rig, its the game engine. Its already push to its limited, there so much Unreal Engine 3 can do to be optimized, it was never meant for large scale MMO. So unless Team Bloodlust decide to overhaul the game engine, there's not very much you can do to improve the fps.

I mean, is it really being worked on R4PG BNS Gold? This isnt a new issue. They should've already known about this a long time ago considering it's still not fixed in the other versions from what I can gather. I doubt they're even the ones working on this fix, the KR team is the one that probably needs to do this fix and by the time we get it implemented with the way these companies work, we'll have 50 content already and it wont be worth anyone's time to fix anymore since these dungeons will become obsolete for the most part.


Ive been in groups where people who dont want to get utterly harassed until they too do it. At this point, at least half the player base has used this exploit. NCSoft cant ban all those people if they want to maintain any shred of the game's population or reputation. All those people that would get banned would argue that this is something that the devs were aware of far ahead of NA/EU launch (with proof being that its still not fixed in other regions) and they chose to not do anything about it. This is just as much the fault of devs as it is players imo.

I'm pretty sure that they wouldn't be consistently saying that they're aware and that issue has been escalated for a fix if there wasn't no plans to fix blade and soul gold farming, and on that note they just wouldn't say anything if it was that they didn't want you too do it but no plans of fixing since it is ncsoft.