Albion Online: naked scouting cannot be completely stopped

I feel you should be able to have 2 toons yes but they should not be on at the same time. Because then I could just have a person grind a toon for me while I mess around and try to get Albion Online Silver of the game so then I can hop on the higher geared and farther progressed toon.

I agree that having a second account would seem okay to who wants one for scouting but also I feel this is a little upsetting too... If everyone is being so careful then what is the point of completely having open world pvp. I would rather log off. Log onto an alt toon. Then explore the road I need to go and see if its safe. But having 2 logged on at the same time... I feel that you could exploit a lot of what the game wants to be fair. Like leading yourself to a new city with all your items. Put them on a weak looking toon and follow with a more geared toon.


As just about everyone here has already pointed out, just using an IP address to detect multiple accounts is stupid because it gives many false positives. The Albion Online development team is not stupid. There are other ways of enforcing a single person playing on multiple accounts. Just look at what actions the player is doing. If multiple accounts are performing the same actions at the same time then you are dealing with a multi boxer to Buy Albion Online Silver. If there are multiple accounts coming from the same IP where there are NEVER actions happening at the same time then MAYBE you are dealing with a single person logged into 2 accounts. There are ways to get around being detected while logged in to 2 accounts at the same time but at least it catches the multi-boxers.

I think the real issue and worry isn't so much that a player might multi-box but rather exploits that come with naked scouting. Example would be a player has two accounts, one which is the main and the other which they login with a naked character and have it stand idle at entrance points to provide scouting information to a guild.

I think something where a player is using a second account to trade founders equipment or other gear with themself is fine or logging in to check on their farm but using the above exploit is not cool, nor is running bots that can auto gather for you.

[Edit] Sadly, naked scouting cannot be completely stopped by the above anyways since if being logged in with two characters is illegal, a player could still have a member of their guild just run around as a naked scout.

Guys, average joe population with more devices in not going to make a dent to the economy (having a side crafter is a drop in the ocean in terms of advantage), and power users who are serious to mess things up will be untraceable. So why trying to enforce things that are going to contain 1% damage of those average joes who happen to have more than one computer? and with them mess up with all the possible permutations of even more standard usage situations? Two friends, the father and daughter, 5 students in the dorm, the internet cafe, and this and that. Would not be better if they concentrate of short term fixable-once-for-all issues and actual new systems and therefore more content?

You guys are worrying about the next door player who would have a small advantage with albion online gold market and forget about the billionaire who is playing the economy around him and keep you poor

Blade & Soul: a universal vault no way to transfer bns gold

We have cross server dungeons, with gold bidding on items, friend and party able, as well as a shared auction house, across all servers.

If you literally are incapable of thinking of a way of transferring R4PG BNS Gold with what's available to you, well now. Good luck on any class you choose. Once you figure out the answer to this riddle, you will be a master of all things related to being average at video games.

"You are stuck in a cardboard box, how do you get out?"

I don't even have profane gear and solo'd everything in this game so far.

Also, the clan mates I have that run FM completely make my life look miserable compared to them. If I can't infinite stealth loop a boss, I can't solo it easily.

My FM friend stands 2 feet away and proceeds to do 500k+ of dmg on the boss without it ever being able to attack back.

Idk man. Seems like the class needs serious help.

You want to be good at arena, your not that good, you refuse to get better, you play PvE and grind for a power you don't need Cheap Blade And Soul Gold, essentially spending hours for nothing, and a slow progression even then.

-shrug- PvE and everything it has going for it here is dull and bland, from the item system, never a fun RNG drop, same ole same ole, maybe one thing drops here who cares items don't matter upgrade food yolo.

Only substance is PvP, the grind is just as tedious.

And you picked what was at least previously one of the hardest classes to play efficiently in higher tiers. (mainly because of many counter gimmicks requiring you to learn how to work around, and the inability to use your main PvE gimmick)

I don't want to be that guy, but get good man. Did you come from WoW? The games not that hard...

here is my challenge, make a KFM. Get to like lvl 20, spec in to shin kick. Counter a mob, iron shoulder him approach, and try to do a 3 r f combination.

This is the bread and butter of what most of these fools think is the most complex mechanic in the game. I'm sure you can Buy Blade And Soul Gold, now you just need to LEARN How and when to use such mechanics.

The Harvest Village Event in BnS

Well speaking from experience I can say that blade and Soul is definitely better optimized for Win7 than Win10. When I was on Win7 back in TW, I get roughly 25fps or so at Harvest Village event (usually like a cluster fk of 50+ people) with no stutter stepping to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. I switch to Win10 around Sept of last year and I couldn't even participate at Harvest Village anymore, my game became like a slide show and stutter like crazy during boss fight.

However, our version seems to be better optimized than TW version, lately at BW I stay at a constant 20-30fps with all the cluster of players (still using Win10). Soloing + 4/6 man I always get max fps, doing 24man dailies I get 30-40 fps at boss fight.

Also its pretty normal to see these crappy fps on Blade and Soul, its not your rig, its the game engine. Its already push to its limited, there so much Unreal Engine 3 can do to be optimized, it was never meant for large scale MMO. So unless Team Bloodlust decide to overhaul the game engine, there's not very much you can do to improve the fps.

I mean, is it really being worked on R4PG BNS Gold? This isnt a new issue. They should've already known about this a long time ago considering it's still not fixed in the other versions from what I can gather. I doubt they're even the ones working on this fix, the KR team is the one that probably needs to do this fix and by the time we get it implemented with the way these companies work, we'll have 50 content already and it wont be worth anyone's time to fix anymore since these dungeons will become obsolete for the most part.


Ive been in groups where people who dont want to get utterly harassed until they too do it. At this point, at least half the player base has used this exploit. NCSoft cant ban all those people if they want to maintain any shred of the game's population or reputation. All those people that would get banned would argue that this is something that the devs were aware of far ahead of NA/EU launch (with proof being that its still not fixed in other regions) and they chose to not do anything about it. This is just as much the fault of devs as it is players imo.

I'm pretty sure that they wouldn't be consistently saying that they're aware and that issue has been escalated for a fix if there wasn't no plans to fix blade and soul gold farming, and on that note they just wouldn't say anything if it was that they didn't want you too do it but no plans of fixing since it is ncsoft.

Blade And Soul Graphics Settings

When i watch jaesung when he plays on KR, his graphics settings are like really low and most particles are barely visible. Does NA not have these options and why wouldnt they include it considering not everybody in America has a power house of computer that requires a fricking power generator?.... My PC is fine for me since all i do is PvP and get Cheap BNS Gold but open world out in moonwater plains or in dungeons where i get like 20 which is manageable but enjoyable for the most part.

There are settings in there which aren't in the in-game options actually, and if you read any of my post it'd be clear that I am arguably one of the most knowledgeable people on the game's files. Additionally in those files you can set the settings to values which aren't options in game, higher and lower than their limits in game. That is the easiest way to extend your graphic settings without decompiling the game's files and editing those xml files.


I mean regardless of OP being an asshole or not. The response help could of been more detailed as well. I mean saying you can turn down settings more in your config files isn't really specific.

It would be better to say something like My Documents/BnS/<configfilename>.cfg
Change values you see under the [GFX] section all down to 1.

I get it that the people who know how to do it shouldn't assume that people who ask for help actually know what they are doing.
I mean some of the help you guys provide BNS Power leveling here are extremely vague.

I have enough quartz to make another 2 BnS patch

The thing is I have enough quartz to make another 2 patch as I'd bought them beforehand. Is just the tears I'll need to buy as I have 4 of 10 of them. Is just soul stone I'm missing. I have kill the other fraction daily and I only kill them if they attack me or if my party (that way in a few days I'll have another turnover for that quest). My thing is, I'm thinking of just saving enough BNS Gold to craft the stones (estimated to be a week to get all I need). Than I'll just have to focus on getting enough for my soul stones.

100 soul stones = 30G (on my server. I'm actually playing on EU and I believe the prices alter region to region)
Bsh + Poh = 6G
4 blue dungeon = 2.5
Fraction = 0.6 (estimate) + 17 soul stones
Poh 6 + BSH 6 = 2.5
Mushin tower = 2.5 (fighting Mushin 1 and Junghado + 6 floors)
ToE = 0.3 + 2 soul stones
Total = 12.3 + 19 soul stones (not including my prem membership with a few bronze per kill)



30/12.3 = 2.6 days (including making it in order and getting them) = 10 MTS
Already have 1 batch cooking
10 MTS today another in 4 days
Need 24 soul stones

24-10 = 14 left to craft
4 days of craft = 19 * 4 = 76 soul stone
100-76 = 24 soul stone needed to get my final batch
24 * 0.3 = 7.2 Blade & Soul Gold needed
During the day I craft I'll have another day of 12 gold
12- 7.2 = 4.8gold
6 MTS left.
1 week

Sell them 6 * 5.8 = 34.8 gold
34.8 gold = 116 Soul stones.
660 - 116 = 544 left to farm

544/19 = 29 days
But during that I'll need other material to evolve and my gold

9 days after would = 12.3 * 9 = 110.7 gold
110.7/0.3 = 369 soul stones
19*9 = 171

544- 369 - 171 = 4 soul stones needed = 10 days for soul stones

17 days = all MTS + Soul stones gained and needed
17 days = 17 Poh Gun oil (have 5 of them already)
17 days = 34 Hae Mujin (I have 22 of them already)
Heard you'll need Naryu Silver and I have 80

My question is. Is this an aright plan or do I really need to make another bns gold farmer? Cause I only enjoy playing as a force master

NCSoft west clearly expects this game to die within a year

Let's just look at some of the things they have been doing:

• Many of the cash shop items are event items in other regions. Where are these events? Some of the Poharan items are event rewards. Who wants to bet they'll be in the cash shop as well?

• Extremely stingy with hongmoon coins. In japan you get their hongmoon coin equivalent from the daily dash. Only way to get hongmoon coin is by getting those silly venture tokens which pretty much never drop, or buying Ncoin from another player with BNS Gold, which requires giving NCSoft MORE MONEY.

• Terrible localization. NCSoft is paying people to translate this game and they do a worse job than fans who translated without pay? So NCSoft hired people who can't do their job properly. Excellent savings for good old NCSoft I'm sure.

• Releasing content rapidly to maintain initial hype. Too bad we're not getting those events though. Gunna have to give NCSoft more money.

• I know this has been beaten to death, but the bot problem is VERY BAD. But it's ok, we have Trusty GameGuard. God forbid they actually hire someone to do something about it.


• Only way to obtain fabric is GIVE NCSOFT MORE MONEY. Their BS excuse is the best; "oh, we don't want bots farming it at R4PG BNS Gold Store." Yet bots are farming a bunch of other things. How strange that they chose FABRIC to be the thing that they were really concerned about bots farming. Nevermind that some of these outfits aren't easy for bots to farm, NOPE. No salvaging for u unless you PAY UP.

These are just the things I've noticed, and when I take all of these things into consideration I just can't help but think NCSoft is just trying to maximise their short term profits on this game and when they run out of stuff to use to milk us of all our cash they'll just let the game die and the bots will rule everything. If they really cared about the long term survivability of this game they would be scrambling to fix these issues, but instead it just seems like they're trying to minimize costs and just hope that no one notices, at least until they rake in big buckets of cash.

Most of those events you speak of are on servers with up-to-date content. Im sure that once we get Silverfrost, the updates will start slowing down and the events will start picking up in order to give people things to earn more Cheap Blade And Soul Gold. Im happy we're getting fast content because it keeps things fresh. A lot of people are currently at True Pirate and Awakened/True Siren accessories and things are getting boring. The only things to farm after that is the soul and BW gems. Id rather have loads of content faster so that we have a goal set to achieve.

I want to be a good summoner in Blade & Soul

As a test, I decided to actually genuinely make a Summoner and play it in PvP to see what it was genuinely like. Please note, I am the worst PvP player in the world. I can't get my FM out of silver into BNS Gold for god sake (I'm a damn good PvEr, just can't really play FM in PVP :() My Sin is high gold and my Dest is plat. All HM lvl 2+.

I spent an hour or two getting my Summoner to 24, and decided to try PvP.

In 2/3 hours I was plat. I still don't know how I did it, or what I did that made me win against any of these classes. I literally just ran around in the circle, snared, healed, forced their tabs with my cat and just disappeared for a bit and tabbed them again and killed them. I was on a damn 16+ win streak, all the way until I went against a Destroyer and a KFM who murdered me (they should do, they're better than I am clearly). Even when I got to plat, I was winning against plat classes easily. It wasn't hard.

If a bad PvPer like me can get the plat, then good lord. How the hell can any summoners even remotely sit there and tell me for a split second that the class is not easy to play with Blade & Soul Gold. You don't even NEED to understand your class, or most of the complexities of other classes to win.


Look, yeah, Summoners at 50 will suck, I get that. But seriously, don't come in here and try to tell people Summoners are complex machines. They're not in any way or shape, difficult to play.

Why dont u guys who are complaining about a broken class play that class? If u dont play it, just except it or quit this game, because when lv 50 content comes out, other classes will dominate u guys again. Some will be happy because they play that class, some wont. Some who wont have a broken class will complain again?

And I'm sure u will bla bla bla more when u know that WL and FM can earn 500-600 Blade And Soul Gold per day (as TW price) easily as fuk while u with melee classes barely make dozens BNS Gold a day? Will u complain about it more?

If u like some classes with enuf conditions to play it, just master it and except the disadvantages of it, if not, just switch to class that u consider a broken class. This game lvlling is to easy to do that.