The WarLegend of Albion Online

During Summer Alpha, 2015, Kam took his first glance at the world of Albion. Within his first week of playing, he knew that Albion would be the right place for his band of friends to call home. He took the initiative to not only inform his group about the game, but also establish himself as leader of a rather large organization as well; an organization that has not only provided us with a dominant performance during Closed Beta, but has also stood the test of time. Unlike many of the other vested guilds in Albion, WarLegend is one that has been established for more than a decade.

Although I was initially surprised by the longevity of the guild, seamlessly traveling from game to game as a disciplined unit, I was more intrigued by the reasons WarLegend was created in the first place.

“WarLegend was founded in July 2000 on T4C [The 4th Coming] by Thief, also known as Denpxc, with a single objective: being hated by all with the sole ambition of winning by force, and controlling the population through fear with Albion Online Items. It’s a multi-gaming guild, and the Albion section was created during Summer Alpha with only a few players,” said Kam.


The guilds objective was clear, and even though fifteen years have passed, it has ultimately stayed the same; control by fear.

Fear-mongering has been a successful tactic used by WarLegend all throughout Closed Beta. Let’s just say, many citizens of Albion point to WarLegend when asked why they are too afraid to enter black zones.

Although the guild appears to be at an all-time high in terms of success, the initial development of the organization naturally had its hardships that Kam felt were necessary to overcome.

“After trying to make our guild work jointly with other guilds, and establish alliances, such as the former powerhouse “ACE”, I came to the realization that it was necessary for me to develop my own structure. The leadership in ACE wasn’t well managed and most organizations suffer the same fallacies. This is something that was very disappointing to me,” Kam explained.

“Well-managed” would be an understatement when analyzing the level of structure that WarLegend has displayed as a top guild during Closed Beta. The organization has been able to sustain control over a multitude of black zones throughout the test, while also balancing the intricacies of keeping more than 100 members satisfied. Humbly, Kam gives credit to his prudent leadership for the success of the guild.

“There are a number of key members in the guild that really hold our system together. My first thought would be Oxandia, my right hand, who has assisted me since the beginning in every task we undertook with Albion Online Gold, whilst also managing our entire roster. Then, there is Nek, whom with I spent countless hours alongside in order to set up tools that were necessary to ensure proper functioning of our economy system. Finally, there’s Kingqueen who may have joined the party a bit late, but is one of our most committed leaders and also plays a vital role in the WarLegend staff.”