Albion Online: Point Rework

We have found out that learning points in the summer alpha test did not work well. The main issue is that learning points can act as a total roadblock once a player runs out, and there was not much that the player could do about this. Here is what we will do:

You will still have learning points, but their role will change: you can use to instantly unlock a destiny board node that you have partially cleared (i.e. if you have 25% of the required fame, you can spend X learning points to instantly unlock the node with the help of Albion Online Items)

To counter-balance this, the baseline fame requirements f


or the destiny board will be increased.

The end result is that learning points help you to level up faster - and you get to choose where. They never roadblock you. And even if you run out, you can still continue to level up, though at a slower pace.

This mechanism is much nicer than the old system, and still helps to somewhat close the gap between hardcore players and regular players.

Note: crafting endurance and building capacity will be reworked along similar lines: such that they act as a bonus and not as a roadblock