Albion Online: how do you think about Hardcore

Personally I'm sick to death of hearing the term 'Hardcore'. Its bullshit. There is no thing as Hardcore. Every game based on rules and game mechanics is more or less unforgiving than any other game, on a sliding scale. There are no rules to say at what point 'hardcore' applies. The same applies to 'Casual' . They are both completely arbitrary.

Listening to some folk on here you'd think that there were two extremes and you have to fit in one or the other, hardcore or casual. guess what ... you don't need Albion Online Silver. As per my paragraph above it doesnt really exist, The term hardcore more and more is becoming a tag people apply to themselves to brag or identify themselves as more superior to someone else. Its bollocks and makes you look like a petulant 12 year old.


By all means discuss changes to rules and mechanics and what they mean but FFS drop this 'hardcore' bullshit.

Let's be real here folks, zerging zones isn't skill or hardcore. It's the same ol thing that's been around in every other game out there. Want to know where those games are at now? Dead. And yes here is where people scream EVE, but let's be real once again. Nobody cares about that game asides from the people who have been playing it for years and years. You will not get that with AO.

You guys also call losing all your stuff "hardcore." The rest of the world calls it tedious and boring. I don't mind my equipped items being lost or lootable, that's fine and drives the economy. What is tedious, is that I also lose my inventory. So now, because a "skilled" zerg killed me, or if I decide to do some group PvP myself, I can't.

Ohhhh wait, yes I can keep PvPing. Once i go back to town, go to the AH, rebuy all of my stuff again with Albion Online Gold, then travel 3+ zones away again just to probably get in a couple group fights or zerged down again, and get ported back to town again.