Albion Online: open world PvP and anti-zerg mechanics

Yellow zone changes: meh, its worth testing. Not sure if it is the solution largely because of...

Gold and Silver valuation in free fall... oh lord no! Oh well...
Items are likely to drop in value so much, that death will no longer sting but maybe be a small pin prick. Really no need to change yellow zones at all with the value of items to drop drastically.

Fame, crafting endurance, learning points: worth testing. I do see a better balance with these ideas


I am worried most about the gold and silver changes. Will inflation become an issue? Item costs and crafting costs are all but eliminated (user fees and taxes). Therefore, gold will not have any value. Not only because of the fact that you cannot spend gold in the economy (rather, convert it at an unfortunate premium), but silver will inevitably become inflated to where you can get a better deal from a player rather than from SI. In the winter alpha, I consumed 12,000 gold and 1million silver. I did not see any purpose or value in gold already, other than to leverage crafting and upkeep costs. Going forward, no one would need to Buy Albion Online Gold. Rather than buy 120,000 silver (12,000 gold) for $50, you can buy 150,000 silver from me for $50. With these new changes, heck you may be able to buy 500,000 silver from me for $50.

As I stated in @Bercilak thread and this report, I see a majority of the changes being too focused on one month alphas, one month play testing and one month data regression gathering. The picture must be focused on the 6 month to one year horizion. Did anyone play Vanguard: Saga of Heroes or the Neverwinter Nights mmo? What happened to those economies? They failed within months of release due to inflation (yea there were a few dupes here and there too I get that, however, there weren't enough sinks in the game to control it. Don't even think AO will be any different or be won't subjected to the same vulnerabilities).