Blade & Soul ping vs x class

Rhy, I don't think it's a matter of ping vs x class, but x class vs balance in B&S's case (Unfortunately).

Yes, ping matters but hear me out.
If you're trying to master one class in specific based on ping, I don't think you're approaching this right, because you need less than 80-100 MS to be at best "average" at any class, in any MMO.

Speaking as someone who heavily PVP's in MMO's, the moment your ping jumps over 80 MS, is the moment you'll start to "feel" the difference between high and low pings against your own (Personal) skill/speed/endurance in an MMO. Not against your opponent's (They'll seem faster than you, but in reality, you're just being limited/forced to be slower).

This applies to literally every class.
For B&S, it would not be any Blade & Soul Gold; except you have to account the fact that there is little balance across the classes in the game, when you compare it with other competitive games.

PvP is not just to do your dps skill but also to manage to avoid dmg in time with SS/F and so whatever your class have.And there the ping problem is noticable.Try to F when KD with high ping i really wanna hear your opinion after that :) Even SS....i felt so many times retarded trying to SS and my char just slowly move backward ...or Q/E and its just like nothing happen....or flower....and many more stuff....thats for pvp of course.

Thank you for this and I agree, however, as I have said to Krissy in the previous page. I'm not after what I can master, I'm after what's playable, and others have said that they've experienced playing at higher pings.

What I want is to see what I can play, and at what ping they're acceptable in. Mastering it is something I cannot hope for, as I live no where close to the servers, in any country, even if they bring out NA, unless they release a server just for Australia.