Blade And Soul Classes And Ping Gives a rough estimate

Previously I had asked people to post how it feels to play the class they play, with the ping they have, I have gotten many responses for the different classes, (As shown below and in the next few pages) of how each person felt with the class they were using, and the ping they had to play with.

This should not be taken as an "Oh my ping is too high for this class, I can't play it!" post, but more of a "Ahh, so that's what it's like to play with that ping, I'll give it a try with my ping to see how it compares!" post.

ALSO this post is not about getting the full potential of your class, if you want that, move close to the server. This post is about seeing what is PLAYABLE

All the information that I have seen as "Relevant" has been compiled, and listed below, separated into classes, with a general overview of what's Blade And Soul Gold, at what ping. Credits to the people who have contributed have been added in.

HOWEVER I do not view this as enough. There are classes that lack information / have very little information, they are the following in my view:
- Kung-fu Master
- Force Master
- Warlock
If ANYONE has ANYTHING to add to these classes, or any other classes, that would greatly help give an idea of what it's like to play with X ping, I will gladly add it and give you proper credit for your contribution, I only ask that you please provide me personal experience (You play this class and can talk from what you've experienced) or evidence (Via video reference, or other methods)