Blade & Soul Launcher doesn't open after closin

Alright, hoping I can get some assistance with this.

I can launch my Blade and Soul directly on startup. That is, when I turn my PC on, I can open the Launcher no problem, enter my username/password, and can play the game just fine.

The issue occurs when I attempt to exit the game for whatever reason. If it's just turning it off after playing for a bit, or turning it off and not turning my computer off for extended time away. Whenever I come back to it, I can click Blade-Soul Gold, and it won't open the launcher to enter my username/password.

I've attempted to end the process tree, I've tried to end the task, I've tried to do a repair. It seems the only thing that works, is completely resetting my PC.

This workaround gets the game to open perfectly, and I'll be using it to ensure that I can get on the game after updates.

Looks like the only issue is, that I'll have to use the launcher to update my game files - otherwise I won't be able to open it this way? So I'll only have to reset for updates, instead of /every time I want to get on.

You'll only need to run the launcher when there is an update. You can easily check the official forums for when those are. If there is no update, then you can use the bat file workaround I made in that thread every single time you play.