Sitting at Blade And Soul True Profane weapon with full Arena set

I found the trailer for this game randomly on Youtube and since then have kept up with videos on it's PvP which I loved the look of and, the summoner. I've always had an affinity towards pet-user classes and this just seemed like it would be the perfect fit and I wasnt disappointed. Over the years, I was tempted to try and get onto the TW version, hell even download the RU broken version, but I didnt. I wanted to wait for it to come out so that I could enjoy it fully Blade & Soul Items. During CBT, I played like a maniac. Didn't skip any quest dialogue, any cutscene. Did it with the intention that come head-start, I would power my way to 45 and begin gathering the necessary tools to get to the available endgame.

Needless to say, Ive done that and am currently sitting at True Profane weapon with full Arena set. I still have to improve my shields by feeding some crit shields into them (maybe some piercing), so I still have plenty to improve on my character so that when new content arrives, I'll be prepared to take it on. Currently leveling two alts to 45 as well so that I can do Faction dailies on them for the soulstones and maybe E. Supply dailies. I am content with what I have to do and am still excited everyday that I play the game.

I knew that I would be rushing through content and therefore have less to do once I reached endgame, but I chose to do it anyways because I know there will be plenty of content to come in the future. I don't like to peak but Ive seen the newer dungeons and they look super fun to do, with lots of Soul Shields (Regen Soul Shield for Summ pls ;-;) and weapons/acc/souls to farm. Looking forward to trying out Warlock as well as getting my HM levels and doing the 6v6 which I feel will be my personal favorite PvP event to do. Im going to dabble in arena as well and practice my skills (currently Blade & Soul Gold 1610 achieved in 9 consecutive wins) and looking forward to Blackwyrm.

I have plenty to do still and in a month or two time, we'll receive new content. Im currently more than content with what we have. Can there be improvements? Of course. But Im quite happy anyways. Its barely been 2 weeks since release, I doubt they would release content this fast simply because the majority of the player-base is still working their way towards catching up. I dont believe there will be an issue of content with this game for at least a year maybe year and half.