I want to be a good summoner in Blade & Soul

As a test, I decided to actually genuinely make a Summoner and play it in PvP to see what it was genuinely like. Please note, I am the worst PvP player in the world. I can't get my FM out of silver into BNS Gold for god sake (I'm a damn good PvEr, just can't really play FM in PVP :() My Sin is high gold and my Dest is plat. All HM lvl 2+.

I spent an hour or two getting my Summoner to 24, and decided to try PvP.

In 2/3 hours I was plat. I still don't know how I did it, or what I did that made me win against any of these classes. I literally just ran around in the circle, snared, healed, forced their tabs with my cat and just disappeared for a bit and tabbed them again and killed them. I was on a damn 16+ win streak, all the way until I went against a Destroyer and a KFM who murdered me (they should do, they're better than I am clearly). Even when I got to plat, I was winning against plat classes easily. It wasn't hard.

If a bad PvPer like me can get the plat, then good lord. How the hell can any summoners even remotely sit there and tell me for a split second that the class is not easy to play with Blade & Soul Gold. You don't even NEED to understand your class, or most of the complexities of other classes to win.


Look, yeah, Summoners at 50 will suck, I get that. But seriously, don't come in here and try to tell people Summoners are complex machines. They're not in any way or shape, difficult to play.

Why dont u guys who are complaining about a broken class play that class? If u dont play it, just except it or quit this game, because when lv 50 content comes out, other classes will dominate u guys again. Some will be happy because they play that class, some wont. Some who wont have a broken class will complain again?

And I'm sure u will bla bla bla more when u know that WL and FM can earn 500-600 Blade And Soul Gold per day (as TW price) easily as fuk while u with melee classes barely make dozens BNS Gold a day? Will u complain about it more?

If u like some classes with enuf conditions to play it, just master it and except the disadvantages of it, if not, just switch to class that u consider a broken class. This game lvlling is to easy to do that.