Intentionally abusing the Albion system

I think it is well past time that the behavior and policies of SI and its representatives be publicly addressed to the satisfaction of what amounts to the investors.

There are at least four different posts this weekend that revolve around SI support and policies. Nearly everyone of them ends with a statement that you are not to discuss violations of Cheap Albion Online Silver, abuse, glitching, etc publicly,. Yet many an issue which is not made public has been swept under the rug or ignored.

We can all disagree on constructs and concepts for the game but let's just put aside the game development for a second and look at the behavior of the player base / community managers and the lack of response from SI.

You don't have to look very far to find people intentionally abusing the system, acting in completely inappropriate ways to get AO Gold, coarse or even hateful language. All of which has gone seemingly without discipline or adjustment of policies.

Does SI care at all about the community or is it just meant to be a free for all where rules are for the meek?

1st of all, I've been around on this forums for more than year and half, and have been playing about the same time.
I can surely say that SI hears too much the community, and listens to it even much more than needed.
Few personal problems certain players had, well it's their personal problems, surely they don't need you to lawyer for them, nor surely SI needs more shit going on about those cases.

If out of 30k[???] founders, few, even several, and even if it's a pack[All going with HOMM Albion Online Silver system], I'd say, that they did something wrong/read something wrong/understood something not as it is.