Riders of Icarus: the removal of some massivly p2w mechanics

Personally, I think that the companies that produce the game get a cut of this in some shape or form. Only way that you can justify why the bots and crap run rampant w/ no kind of repercussions. Heck, if I made a game I would do absolutely everything in my power to make sure that this kind of thing didn't need anymore Icarus Gold. It's 1 thing to have it happen and immediately dispose of it down to the core of it's problem, but it's a whole nother ball game when this stuff is running fluently throughout the game 24/7 w/ no kind of relief in sight.

A good year ago we both began to play Elder Scrolls Online. The first week bots were seldom seen; within another 2 weeks there were so many clustered in small farming areas were nodes spawn that the bots were actually colliding into one another. It was not uncommon to see as many as 20 to 30 botting at a time. Though players do purchase or download botting programs, which are just macros on speed, more times than not players names were not names such as "Sunshine" but instead "ffgklb23" etc.

This is a post about how Nexon have been handling this game and would like to let those of you who dont know whats going on a chance to see whats happening.

First things first its not all bad they did manage to do a good couple things, one major change they brought to NA and EU was the removal of some massivly p2w mechanics of the game which was hands down a really good move and ensured players would stick and at least try the game. Secondly was the fact that they listend and relised that the guild size at launch and amount needed to lvl up the guild was way to small and increased the size accordingly which once again was a really good thing and made alot of the bigger guilds and even smaller guilds happy. Unfortunatly this is where all the good stops and its into the bad.

Now for the real talk, whoever was in charge of the rollout plans of Riders of icarus for NA and EU has failed with Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold. The current state of the game shows that all people do is log on run Ruins of Matren and attius and log straight back off (at best they will run Manor and lavalight too). First issue i saw with this game was when they announced that the launch of open beta will be capped at 25???? ok lets get one thing straight if u roll out the EXACT SAME content as what you had in the last cbt and add nothing extra that is not a launch that is plain and simple another cbt just with out a wipe. Im sure alot of the founders were under the impression that the cap was there to ensure f2p were not left in the dust which is fair enough but 7 days headstart was way to much people were capped out geard out in 2 days tops.