Albion Online: A Storm Solution

Alternative Payment Models

-Now we know that micro transactions and pay to win are models deeply disliked by the gameing community.
subscription is fine as long as it isn't to much and their isn't content locked aways behind a payment wall

-Free to play is liked but it allows for a lot of Cheap Albion Online Gold with no guarantee of income for the company making the game
transfer for RL income allows for pay to win and gold botting and money laundering = ergo not good

Ergo @Zetecua and @Elsa

the solution is multiple servers with each system in place and allow the gamer to pick which payment model the wish to use!!!

Of course a server with no pay to win will mean the ranking would be much more real and probably respected. but if the person want to simply burn through something in less then a month and an extra 50 bucks will do it why not?


Free to play server would have a low capped progression with less patches and work done on it (a demo version if you get more albion online gold for sale) with the option of taking your progress into a subbed server for a fee and a sub.

you cannot take your Account from a PTW server without either a serious nerf or complete do over

Server list

Arthur - Full subscription with patches and great support and mucho cudos when chatting about your level of badassery
Lancelot - Pay to win that bling with RL currency for them epic Avatar pics and fun blood baths
Guinevere - low capped progression with few upgrades but free to play
Squire - test server available to Lancelot and Arthur ranks

I suspect increased overhead for Sandbox Interactive. It would divide the server population some perhaps. The two topics it appears you are trying to address are (1) How to improve the value of gold and (2) how to expose Albion to a wider audience. I suspect if these are the topics or are close to the topics you are trying to address, it would be beneficial to discuss a wider range of possible solutions with the Albion Online Items. My concern is there are those that may have issues with the solution you propose, yet they may also agree that the topics that concern you are topics that need attention.