Riders of Icarus: excitement and anticipation hoping

I launched this game with excitement and anticipation hoping it would be a better game than 'Dragon's Prophet'. At first I was quite impressed with the look and feel, especially the armor on the class previews (Male, not those skimpy panties). You know, typical Korean Mmo stuff. First thing I noticed though was how hideous the UI was, especially the hotbar to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold. Not sure what it was but something was seriously off about it. I carried on in the hope that the gameplay was better. So after fighting a bunch I must admit the combat is utter dog crap. The combat system should have been redesigned because it's a mess. In short, meh.

Heck, i can agree with most what @Kerfunky said, yet i play game without really being bothered by those things. I agree action mode is not great or even good, could be fixed a lot on many ways. As for armors, don't really care since it'll be using costumes anyways to cover "default" look. And after playing WoW (with addons), i find UI so silly in almost every game, but meh.. They are what they are, nothing bad about them.

Dragons Prophet was way better and the dragons where way better than the ones here skill wise look wise plus actually when you dismounted it fought with you while here you got to change them to pets the size of Icarus Gold. Its no where near as fun as Dragons prophet period. Vladtheimpaler from NA Dragons Prophet

Well design wise is a money sponge cash shop for slots on bank , ah and core components like pets yes you gotta buy pet/mount slots with cash , right now it feels like its a half made game given this is just a copy paste from the japan/korean version , lvl 25 cap for a month, dcs dcs lag lag dcs dcs , gold spammers and bots .

only reason why im playing this is because lots of my friends have faith that it might get better with time , if you are a new player and wanna try this game out trust me youl be dissapointed

I'm not really the type of hardcore player in this genre of games, but in my personal opinion I like it because it's been really hard for me to find a game again that I like and where I can put many ROI Gold seller. And I think this game might give me that so unless you got some real feedback to give to developers I suggest you keep quiet.