The synonymous with quality in Blade & Soul

NCSoft is often synonymous with quality. Korean developer can feel proud to have created online games that will go down in the annals of history with titles such as Guild Wars, Lineage II or the latest Wildstar. But obviously, the company cannot help bring new titles with which dazzle players and it seems that Blade & Soul Gold will be one of them.

Since its launch in Asia, many players have achieved ways that could access the Asian server to try the game, being dazzled by the beauty of the title as well as the speed of the action. But no longer will it need to do more shenanigans to access the game since Blade & Soul definitely come to our continent, a Free to play model that promises to be intrusive for those not wanting to pay for play.

There will be two types of currency in the game. The NCoin which can be achieved with money actually allow us to buy cosmetic objects and more space in our inventory and have more slots for characters, something very similar to what we saw in the excellent and free Path of Exile. The other type of currency can be achieved while playing and also can be used to achieve the same objects as the currency of real money.

However, there will be a subscription model for those who want access improvements to his character, but the company says it will not provide any advantage to the competitive model. If it is true that, for example, the first range of premium membership give a special effect to run animation and a small multiplier to the experience and the possibility of further drop in the currency of the game.

Explained the Free To Play model, Blade-Soul has confirmed that the game will have a closed beta this fall to which you can point from their website and this summer a pre-purchase packs will be made ??available, which we assume will come with early access to the closed beta.