They are better than hongmoon blade and soul weapon sure

I do not play korean server but from what i hear, legendary weapon are...legendary...
I saw a youtube video where they were selling for 3-4k BNS Gold (base weapon without upgrades)

They are better than hongmoon weapon sure, but they are costly to upgrade too
Not sure if they are worth it for the average players.
lol, if you didn't have money to reach true pirate, legendary might not be for you

Hongmoon weapon is valid to upgrade if you don't want to kill yourself. They are comparable in strength but legendary wins almost all the time ( i think some classes might want hongmoon for some unique bonus)
I do not know why people want legendary if the above is true.

NcSoft said multiple times that we won't have legendery , at least for now. But with their track record, you could expect them anytime without warning.

I saw that Silverforst Mountains is coming out tomorrow and felt the need to give some feedbacck on this.

If you are going to release content this fast you should reduce the amount of materials needed to upgrade our gear by at least half of what it currently requires or at least make it easier and have more ways to get the materials because it's very hard to be on track at this pace. I'm not someone that can just play 24/7 and farm all day, so as a result I'm pretty far behind on my gear and have always been one tier behind. For example, currently you can have Pirate stuff but I'm still on True Siren.

You dont need to be capped out for each patch. In fact, i dont even see where the problem would be if they released content even faster. We would not keep up. That's actually a DESIRED outcome. What do i do if i am capped and dont have anything to do? I quit.

And actually with crafting and a few dailies per day (2h or so) you can easily make 20g a day, letting you upgrade your weapon to max in like ~2 weeks and your accessories in 1 week after that. If you dont want to do dailies every day.. that's also fine.

And also.. yes there is a lot to do. Yes upgrading takes some time. So why should you not be behind people that actually do play a lot more than you do? That would mean that what they put into the game over you is meaningless. The game does a fairly good job at keeping casuals and hardcore players with Blade & Soul Power leveling. While casuals might take a long time to reach the none-plus-ultra gear, they dont need it to participate in the content we have at any given point in time. You can basically do everything in this patch with max infernal accessories, true profane weapon and a 25 ap gem which is easily achieveable in a few days. Hardcore players on the other hand can spend 10 hours a day and reach gear cap before a patch.

Imo, it's good as it is. Why would you decrease the amount of time needed to be put into the game just so we have nothing to do earlier and quit. That's shooting in your own leg in the end.

This is the first progression based mmorpg since Rangnarok that i actually play for more than one or two months. Why? Because there is something to be done after one or two months. Normally when a game releases there is nearly no content so players get bored and quit. We have the advantage of having content for years since the game is by no means new - and now people come and complain that it's too much and that they want to finish the game faster. Dafuq is wrong with peoples mentality nowadays .