Blade And Soul: more of a nerf then a buff

Looks like a bunch of absolutely pointless changes, and more of a nerf then a buff.

1. i'm not sure why anyone would want to put 5 points in lotus flower.

2. With your first skill referenc "arcid star" No idea what that is, but if your talking about the shuriken that procs shadowstep to Buy BNS Gold, if they change us to only being able to use it after those conditions and its not useable all the time while stealthed, we are going to get ABSOLUTELY demolished, that is our ONLY go to tool right now, our only real safe approach and or combo extender etc.

The majority of these changes look like they are based around giving the Sin higher sustained PvE damage, and well, thanks a lot bro just what I always wanted. (Considering most of us cleared ALL of the pve content in like a week or less? And had no issues, lol.)

Basically looks like they buffed a bunch of useless crap that's still going to be useless, along side adding in balance changes to our most concrete move in the current game, problem is that seems to be balanced around us being lvl 50 and having Shunpo etc.

Congrats, now you can't ShadowStep people who spin constantly, you legit have to walk up to them to start a combo. Goodluck

Even if they have no escapes and you crit every single attack in your combo. (Assuming you stun/daze at least twice.) your whopping 20,000 dmg will be absolutely meaningless the second your enemy crits you for 20,000.

Or begins an unescapeable combo where each hit does 3-5k dmg. (And even if you could tab here, it would only be suicide as these are just 'trash' moves for that class that have no meaning on its ability to kill you.)

So much love.

Coupled with the last patch that literally buffed blade and soul gold farming, reworked several classes, yet only added 1 skill, that may or may not be obtainable by Sins, and if it is, I'm pretty sure no one wants it =X.