I have been playing BnS assassin for a long time

Hi, I have been playing assassin since the release of the game and there is a question that i keep asking some other assassins but none give me any answer.

There is a skill that protects you from ranged attacks or something and its around you but if you move it stays on you before you say that is the X skill its not because that is a smoke that its placed on the ground and if you move you're not protected anymore. So my question how to get Blade & Soul Gold, what is the skill that protects you from ranged attacks or so?
Help appreciated.

It makes you immune to everything while casting, and if specced far enough makes you immune for 1 second afterwards.

This is a good skill to use against summoners for free gap closer stealth breaks(It also regens your hp if he resist it, and continues to try attacking him even if he stealths, so once it breaks him out you can stealth on your own for free)

There no projectile protection skill except #x but if you are talking about skill that you saw the graphic where there shuriken surround you when ever you go.

it's a #2 skill most left side skill tree, which has 5% hp shield when fail in countering.