Blade And Soul Cold Storage Guide

There is only one boss, he's literally right in front of you after clearing mobs. It's a Blood Mane with mechanics reversed: you don't want the robots to hit him (I don't know why exactly).

You can also spawn King Kaari in the dungeon by using three different colored orbs (I don't know where to get them, from Cold Storage mobs perhaps?).

Sogun's Lament/Snow Jade Palace:

Boss 1: Cheap BNS Gold and Silver Boys:
Two fat sumo guys with axes.
Party splits before coming across these two bosses.
When they do their red area of effect, they will gain a buff. If they reach four stacks, they will wipe the party. The buff can only be removed if you knock them down, but do it at 3 stacks.
Whenever they are knocked down, they will jump over to the other side of the field. They will then grab the tank afterwards, so CC them.
Don't touch the lake in the middle since it one shots you.

Miniboss: Mini Balrok:
Kill six shield guys and take their shield. Mini Balrok will spawn and throw lightning spears that can be reflected with 1.

Boss 2: Balrok:
After some damage he will spawn clones in the sides of the room. You can only get rid of them by CC: the blue one needs double stun and the green one needs double knockdown.
After killing the clones, six shield guys will spawn in the middle. Kill them for their shield and pick it up.
Balrok will throw 12 lightning spears at everyone. Press 1 to reflect them back at the boss.
After Balrok throws the spears, tank needs to throw his shield at Balrok (LMB) to deal massive damage and stun him.

Boss 3: Chicken Ganksquad:
Yes, they're literally the chickens flying around Plog Sanctum.
All they do is take turns flying and shooting feathers at the tank. That's literally it.

Boss 4: Asura
Asura periodically summons 6 flowers around the room, and then vacuum them and everyone else. Everyone needs to take these flowers; they poison you (take antidotes if you have any) and snare you, but make you immune to the vacuum and gives you a chi regen buff. He will heal from absorbing flowers; if he absorbs 5 or more, he wipes the party.
At 90%, he will go to the center of the room and have 4 flaming swords on his back..
He generates an area of effect field around him and is immune to damage while its up.
He will shoot 8 flaming arrows at everyone, so everyone needs to huddle up and use an anti-projectile shield.
He will then shoot two spheres that target the furthest player. Position a tank in front of the group and have them block the first sphere only to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. They need to run around the room afterwards, so someone else needs to block the second sphere. Everyone gets an attack buff once the spheres are blocked.
He then shoots his four flaming swords at the person closest to him (the person who blocked the first sphere), so they need to circle the room to avoid hurting people. At this point he loses his damaging aura so go ahead and run back in.
Finally the phase ends with a vacuum + knockback.

At 70%, he will go to the center of the room and have 5 ice swords on his back.
He will drop ice sword area of effects around the room like Hae Mujin, Bay Lee, and Exterminator, and do it three times.
He then generates an area of effect field around him and is immune to damage while its up, so everyone needs to back off.
He will shoot two spheres. Have one person block both.
He will then shoot 8 ice arrows, so huddle up and anti-projectile shield.
Finally the phase ends with a vacuum + knockback.

At 50% he will stop doing his basic attacks, head to the center of the room, and randomly cycle between fire and ice sword phase. He will also periodically drop flowers as he does this and absorb them in the end of his phases.
I don't know what is "Asura's Brand" attack that Scorpion Belt resists, but freedomplays commented that it's not necessary in KR/CN.

Mushin's Tower:

Pick two of a Blade Master, Kung Fu Master, Force Master, Assassin, Destroyer, or Archer of your choice.
Silver Deva
A bunch of mobs in the room, three minibosses, Bomani (Kung Fu Master)
Stalker Jiangshi
Hulking Augurite
Wheel of Fate: Moonwater Big Four
Mushin's Pain, Mushin's Rage, Mushin's Darkness
Gibyung/King Gizumo/Chuchu
Miniaturized guy from Soulstone Plains Battle Phase.
Pillar Defense + Naga King
Wheel of Fate: Fujin/Raijin
Naksun (the final boss of Dreadtide Arena in Moonwater)
Assassin + Force Master
BNS Gold + Silver Boys
Blade Master + Minigun