BnS content rush is for 1 thing

This content rush is for 1 thing and 1 thing only its to get you to reach into your pockets I played other region and things progressed naturally there, when you need 1250 achievment points for hongmoon skills you were naturally there or at least close just by playing but now it oh crap I need 1250 geez I only have 700 and so on and so on...They push content to get you to reach into your pocket faster to keep up, all dungeons have a AP requirement because all have rage timers so if you want to do them you must reach into your wallet or watch them pass you by because you have fallen to far behind.

Dungeons in this game start to get a lot harder from this point forward and a weak link truly can mean and most likely will mean failure with Cheap Blade And Soul Gold. In the other region I played in, the dungeon finders slowly fades out because content gets to hard and pugging becomes to difficult because of the ever growing divide from those that spent money and those that don`t . I also would like to mention that it also seems like all resources are being used to pump out content instead of looking after the community and fixing some of the numerous concerns the community has, it`s very obvious to me that the direction taken with the NA. version is all about the money, so sad because playing this game at the pace it was meant to be played at is a much better experience in my opinion.

The thing that annoys me most currently is that new content is farmable day one of any new content update we get and will continue that way for the foreseable of BNS Gold. I have pretty decent gear and made some effort towards that with with crafting/400 runs yeti4/dailies and ofc the famous Cashshop


Maybe I expect too much from mmo's having played alot of them but , should a new patch/content update be farmable the instant it goes live and folks be miles ahead of its gear requirements from day 1 of the previous content update .

Its obvious atm that if they released content every day untill there isnt anymore left that there would be people keeping up with the curve and clearing content (farming content) with the Cashshops help

This for me is just wrong imho .
6 months for server first kill aint what ppl want agreed but this just isnt a game when it comes to BNS Power leveling . A game involves some sort of challenge/skill