Albion Online Version 1.0.268

Christmas is over, twelfth night has passed, and the decorations have been taken down.
Fame on all Veteran and Elite mobs increased as follows:
Veteran - 2.5x
Veteran Miniboss - 9x
Veteran Boss - 12x
Elite - 4x
Elite Miniboss - 12x
Elite Boss - 70x
Overhauled Labourer and Journal Fame values, to match new player progression numbers.

Reduced gem chance, and increased Labourer Fame gained from gems to compensate, on Novice and Journeyman Mercenary's Journals.

Reduced Fame requirements for unlocking Expert and higher Stone Hammers, as the lack of higher-level rock makes them advance slower on average at higher tiers.
Killing enemy players in GvG matches now scores 4 points, up from 2 previously.
All Hellgates in Red and Yellow zones are now T5, and contain T5 mobs.

Transmutators now have separate tabs for Wood, Rock, Fiber, Ore, Hide, and Other.
Altered Destiny Board requirements so that it should now always be possible to progress towards unlocking an item by doing tasks up to two tiers lower, then you may need Albion Online Power Leveling. For example, you can progress towards unlocking T6 weapons and armor by killing T5 or T4 mobs.

Overhauled the farming tree of the Destiny Board, most significantly impacting items crafted from farmables. A player who farms every day and plays for two hours every day should now find all their farm-related progression advances uniformly, and keeps up with their progression in other areas.

Most mobs will now wait for five seconds after spawning before aggroing players around them, to give you a chance to get out of the way.


It should now be possible to attack buildings while in forced combat mode.
It should no longer be possible to loot players who haven't respawned, while in forced combat mode.

Active spell (ie selected but not yet cast) is now deactivated on knockdown.
UI text should no longer be broken when switching to fullscreen.
Fixed an error that occurred when mounting while repairing.
It should now be possible to click on siege camps on the world map to get info about them.

Removed duplicate entry for Steel Bar from Master and above Smelters.
Fixed Master's Axe making the player invisible.

Fixed the issue where Crafting Focus was used on your first craft, in the case where Focus was off but had been switched on the last time you logged out.
Spreading Flame skill on Infernal Staff should now spread its flame correctly.
Fixed a number of text issues in the Destiny Board.

Beginner and Journeyman Tinker's Journals should now correctly progress when crafting Journeyman's Capes.

It should now be possible to unlock crafting of Level 3 Elder's items in the Destiny Board.

It should now be possible to unlock use of Undead Book off-hand and Elder's Light Leather Armor in the Destiny Board.
Fixed icons for Trophy journals.

Fixed the issue where "above average" and "below average" were reversed in the market window with Albion Online Silver, so prices below average were shown as being above average and vice versa.

It is now possible to upgrade to Master's Butcher.
Fixed a bug where animal growth in territories was half as fast, rather than twice as fast as it should be.

Somewhat reduced maximum durability on two-handed weapons to keep behind-the-scenes balance math consistent.

Fixed faction reputation threshold values to properly reflect the design.