The dps setup (lightning/dark oriented) of Blade & Soul

Yeah you've described one issue that I had perfectly. However that doesn't seem to be the case whenever I play my BM (well obviously considering half the spam abilities are ranged). But whenever I'm playing my SIN, things getting out of hitting range seems to be common.

The biggest issue whenever I play SIN in groups however, is stealth. Stealthing is good for Blade & Soul Gold, but it's really bad for others because of the agro shifts. And considering both dps setup (lightning/dark oriented) uses stealth in one way or the other, this severely diminish the viability of SIN in my eyes, at least for groups, hence why this thread. I'm not experienced enough with SIN or the game in general to know what's in store for a SIN late game, in terms of group PvE.


aggro shifts should not happen assuming equal gear and a competent tank that specs into extra threat. if you're worried about that either 1. you're overleveled/geared compared to everyone else or 2. your tanks (BM or KFM) don't spec into any of the threat trees and don't dps well.

No no, that's not what I meant. it's quite the opposite, I know SIN can't hold threat, we weren't supposed to, I can perma stealth just fine, this is why I said solo-wise, I have no

problem at all, that's the whole safe bns gold. For instance in 2 man 4 man dungeon. Both class (like for instance, KFM + Dest) were supposed to split the tank, one act as an offtank one tanking the boss (this is from what I've seen people doing 4 man). With me as a SIN, this will never work. my worry in this case is when the main tank suddenly has to tank EVERYTHING because I'm stealthed. That's where the question of SIN's viability in 4 man dungeon comes to mind.