Way to earn hoongmoon blade and soul gold

Bns English version is actually just like a money making machine, and I'm going to tell you why.

im currently playing in TW version, but since I'm a Chinese do I don't need the English patch for better understanding. In TW version, once I get the premium account status I will have the movable personal storage (In English version you need to be premium membership rank 10 for this one extra benefit) and there is no account ranking system in the TW version.

In English version, way to earn hoongmoon coin is thru spending nc coin or currency exchange. In TW they will give you 300 Blade-Soul Gold everyday as long as you're in premium status or you can purchase a 11000 hoongmoon coin booster selling 700NT.

In TW version they have this in game voip and giving you the option to turn off and on during raid or in the CLAN. In English version, you have nothing. The stability of the English version was same like China when they released, it is like a test client rather a 'finalize" client. It is not stable, lower graphic, low optimization but China is having the most optimized version now after they get knowing that Chinese love the game. Same goes to TW, JP and KR.

sorry for my bad English, but I really had enuff of NA version even tho I already spent 800USD. I love the game, not the publisher.
ecause NCwest knows demographics.
They know English version attracts such a huge crowd, they can do away with some effort, and still reap an impressive player-base.

KR and TW has a much smaller and more competitive market. To retain players in that market, they have to be much more generous with benefits + ease of life tools.

In NA/EU, there isn't much competition right now,
WoW and GW2 have 'aged'
Skyforge killed itself after 1/2 a year,
ToS is a grindfeast not for everyone,
BD is just a character photoshop tool,
FFXIV has it's own fan base and p2p structure, not targetting the same market
Wildstar lol
Terra is so yesterday

There is little to no competition here. They can do what they want to Buy Blade And Soul Gold, and still keep us here.
We have nowhere to go if we want MMORPGs in international version.

Therefore there is little to no need for giving us additional benefits or sweet icing. Just the typical stuff will do.