Be significantly Blade & Soul deteriorated at the same time

I believe you CAN have fun with Aus ping but it can also be significantly deteriorated at the same time the shear amount of effort i need to put in to fill the reduced dmg and work around the small cc break windows and parry windows can easily make the pvp experience go down hill real fast. Im glad you still have fun and can make it to plat but i know with 100% certainty ill never be as good as Americans and will lose various game due to the ping. The thing is, is that it will always be there and i'll always be working from behind. I personally do not understand how you deal with it but thanks for the opinon

Personally, I deal with it by not caring, yes that may come off as stupid or unreasonable Blade & Soul Gold, but I literally don't care and have accepted the fact that "It won't get better."

Once you stop worrying about ping and stop caring, you'll start to enjoy things more. Yeah it's fun to PvP, yeah it sucks seeing people go faster than you only because of ping, but once you stop caring, it's pretty much "okay, cool, I can still play and still have fun, that's enough for me."

I've been playing with 240 ping from New Zealand. I havent touched pvp yet and so far im really really enjoying the game. Yeah I don't dps as much as other players but when you're 6 man dungeoning no one even knows whos doing what (at this point in time at least) xD So even though im not DPSIng much, i get carried and thats still fun enough for me

Even though I have 240 ping, It feels so damn good executing a full combo i've never had this much fun clearing out random mobs and doing all these braindead "kill x of y" quests. Its because of these Blade & Soul Items, I can look past the whole 240 ping and just enjoy the game. After the ping booster issues are all sorted, im probably gonna use pingzapper or battleping because I tried one of those and managed to get down to 180 ping. This pretty much changed the whole game for me, but i only tried this on a 30 minute trial, so i've yet to fully experience a decrease of 60 ping on this amazing game