Which BNS servers had the highest populatio

BNS repeatedly told people which servers had the highest population and which servers have the lowest. They literally have a recommended list of servers on the homepage when you launch the game.

If you CHOOSE to go on the most populated servers there's going to be a queue/wait time; for you to call me scum just because I'm pointing out the obvious then that's your own misinterpretation of what I'm saying.

I'm not being rude or trying to act like I'm better than anyone just because Blade-Soul understand how to work the system.
"Hey if I know Mushin is the highest populated server and usually has queue maybe I shouldn't play on said server"
It's basic logic.

And what do you want me to do about the queues, write a letter to NCSoft and demand they increase the server capacity for a second time? No that's selfish and rude, they already did what we asked and yet more and more people think they can cram into 1-4 servers. They gave us multiple servers for a reason, spread out, it's seriously not that hard and half the game can be played across servers anyway so what's the big deal?

If me pointing out the obvious earns me the title of internet scum then so be it. But do not put your choice of server and the queue problem that you experience on me or anyone else just playing the game, for that matter.