Albion Online: the PvP System

PvP in this last winter alpha was non-existent. I found this to be very disappointing. However, I am extremely optimistic because I do understand that it was a one month alpha. Not a whole lot can be expected in terms of massive, open-world PvP when players are struggling to get to a point where they are ready for that, and find that the risk is worth it. Therefore, all of the PvP zones were empty. Many of these issues I discuss later with long term feasibility and risk vs reward mechanics.

In a nutshell, the few instances I did find PvP, I found further disappointing to where I just didn’t see any benefit. Most of the PvP battles I got into were just a big rodeo, where everyone kept circling eachother on their mounts while trying to assess if they have the advantage. Nobody wanted to dismount because of the cooldown debuff, which is frankly a stupid mechanic with Albion Online Silver. It was also damn near impossible to dismount someone unless your grouped was properly setup for it and caught someone off-guard. That should be changed also. But trying to chase someone down to jump their bones was pointless. Enough on that, again these are all issues with very simple fixes. Again, I am more focused on the longer term feasibility of PvP.

Softcore vs. Hardcore
This is the section I am sure readers will be most responsive to. I read many reviews and posts about how upset they were about AO becoming too ‘softcore.’


Let me be very clear with you, and I mean this to offend you, you don’t know hardcore PvP until you have come across me, and players like me. You can not hide, there is no place that you will find safe, and as long as you’re logged on, you will be hunted. I will do whatever is necessary to make your life miserable because to me, winning in a sandbox mmo, is making you fail.

So please stop posting about AO being too softcore. It is easy to make such posts until you are the one being oppressed. I will oppress you. I have made thousands of players quit Ultima Online and Darkfall Online, and I will make thousands of players quit AO.

The number one thing I said to my guildmates on a constant basis, is be careful who you makes friends with. 50 percent of the people in this Alpha will not be playing six months after launch. FFA full loot PvP sandbox mmos are simply too much game for most people.

I will not play Albion Online if there are no safe zones to harbor new players or softer styled players. I have been there and done that. All of those titles failed because of players like me. I will be apart of, or create a guild where we do noting but pillage and plunder others. I will buy hordes of gold, I have botted with Albion Online Gold, I have hacked, I have exploited every possible means so that you, who are reading this right now, will fail. Why? Because there is no greater enjoyment than watching you suffer. Do we really want to create another game that has this mentality? No!

@Bercilak made this statement in another post where the player talked about making it easier for him/her to gank others to take their stuff, and boy do I love him for it, “if you want a game where you can gank players at their spawn point, you’re at the wrong place.”

You are at the wrong place. This isn’t for Albion Online and nor should it ever.