Albion Online: PvP, Yin and Yang

There needs to be a much bigger balance based around information of zones. At the moment people are using unclothed characters to run through gates to give them information on the other side, or other such scouting. Unfortunately, because of the zone-ing system, there will always be those who send something worthless through to the other side to check. However, once you do get a group through, there needs to be some way for them to know what, who and where, other people are in this zone. I’m not talking about having everyone as a dot on the minimap, but some form of spells that help with locations.

At the moment, we have but a single utility role within Albion Online: The Healer, and you can say what you like about the levelling of them, when it comes to fights – these guys can turn the tide. There needs to be more in terms of utility, Spells that allow you to know how many are in the zone, spells that give you X information within a certain radius. Other passives that allow you to be hidden from those spells. Albion Online seems to be lacking the play / counter play part of PvP. The cat and mouse game of hunter and hunted.

At the moment it’s very much a case of who can run the fastest and avoid the CC. There needs to be a dedicated scout spell class, or other such information gatherer. (For those of you whom have played Eve, think of this very much as your D-scan and your Probe frigates; those roles, and the equivalent stealth counter play, aren’t existent in Albion Online PvP making most encounters a “We stumbled upon X group” rather than any tactics being involved in zoning and territory denial).

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