Would you use Daggers in Albion Online


As I can judge, nobody sane will use Daggers. Much better use Cursed Staff. It's same but it's distance and has DOT effect. Also it give's you nice selection of passive effects at off-hand.

But I sitll want to believe, that Developers can make this weapon much better. I love this style - daggers. Just ask yourself: what Rogue type player can do in 1v1 fight and 5v5 fight? He should wear LIGHT armor because of +50-60% of damage to do at least some damage. And he will be extremelly squishy. Like mages. Is it fair? Well, maybe. But only if he can fight vs mages. Can he? I saw - cannot. If Rogue player wear HEAVY armor, he can live a some time more. But what he can do? Invisibility? Nope. Damage? Nope. Stun? Nope. CC? Well, I could say "bugged non-targeted sleep", but I, anyway, say Nope. It's really useless shame IMO.

So what future you figured for this weapon type - without survival and without CC, DOTs, debuffs (I can't count -14 (even x3 = -42 for 3-4 seconds) resistances as debuff)? Damage also very bad. Only one damage ability "Slit Throat" for whole Dagger's Thread, but before you should take a MELEE (try get close when your enemy have 2-3 knock-back abilities to Buy Albion Online Gold) fight for 10 second minimum and stay alive. I don't believe it is possible in mass pvp fight. I remember about poison ability at one-handed daggers. It's not bad, but still almost useless in mass pvp.