Blade And Soul Graphics Settings

When i watch jaesung when he plays on KR, his graphics settings are like really low and most particles are barely visible. Does NA not have these options and why wouldnt they include it considering not everybody in America has a power house of computer that requires a fricking power generator?.... My PC is fine for me since all i do is PvP and get Cheap BNS Gold but open world out in moonwater plains or in dungeons where i get like 20 which is manageable but enjoyable for the most part.

There are settings in there which aren't in the in-game options actually, and if you read any of my post it'd be clear that I am arguably one of the most knowledgeable people on the game's files. Additionally in those files you can set the settings to values which aren't options in game, higher and lower than their limits in game. That is the easiest way to extend your graphic settings without decompiling the game's files and editing those xml files.


I mean regardless of OP being an asshole or not. The response help could of been more detailed as well. I mean saying you can turn down settings more in your config files isn't really specific.

It would be better to say something like My Documents/BnS/<configfilename>.cfg
Change values you see under the [GFX] section all down to 1.

I get it that the people who know how to do it shouldn't assume that people who ask for help actually know what they are doing.
I mean some of the help you guys provide BNS Power leveling here are extremely vague.